Our Workshops

Whether you are interested in an Arts Week workshop, a GCSE support Class or a term long After School Club we will be happy to put together a programme of events for you. Our minimum period is a Double lesson but we can stay as long as you like and deliver a variety of different workshops for different ages and abilities. We have 30 Canon Compact cameras and 15 Canon Dslrs enabling us to teach the whole class - with students sharing when appropriate. We also have an extensive Studio lighting set-up: with Elinchrom Lights, Backgrounds, Reflectors, Tripods and Light Painting tools. 

We will print your pictures on the day (suitable for Portrait sessions) or create large display boards of the work. You will also receive an edited set of all student work from the session on a DVD as well as a gallery for your website

Adult Workshops

We work with adults too. Please Contact us for details of our adult solo and group sessions. Whether for business or in an Educational setting we will tailor an exciting Photography session for you and provide everything you and your staff need. 

After School Clubs

We run after school clubs in Primary and Secondary  schools in the Richmond and Kingston area of West London.We teach Yr 6 in Primary schools and Yrs 8 & 9 in Secondary Schools. 10 week terms - the sessions are fun and practical and over the year we introduce our students to everything from Solar printing to Sports Photography and Macro. Students use their own cameras throughout and our Canon compacts and Dslrs when appropriate. By the end of the third term we hope they are all proficient with our Dslrs. In the summer term we have 2 field trips when they use our cameras exclusively ( as in the image above )

Double period & Half Day Workshops for Key Stage 2 & 3 

Light Painting - Alphabet Photography - Sun Prints - Self Portraits - Jump - Victorian Portraits - Studio Flowers - Edward Muybridge & Photo-animation - Land Art - Hampton Court - Kew Gardens - The Oscars - Small World  - Food Landscapes  - Teddington Lock  - Treasure Hunt - Seasonal Colours - My School 

Gcse & A-level 

Individual and group support for exam students. Leading field trips and exhibition visits. Tutorials on Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign & Personal portfolios. Practical sessions deal with Shutter and Aperture, Long Exposure and Light Trails, Portraiture, Landscape 





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