What we do

Click Photography Workshops is a vibrant young company working in Schools and Afterschool clubs, teaching Photography to young people. Whether guiding an A level field trip to the south coast or teaching a Year 5 Light painting session we believe that above all Photography should be fun and that everyone can take great photos

We are based in Hampton Wick, West London 

Who we are

Sheridan Morley is a former Nikon UK Fashion Photographer of the Year - shooting for The Independent & Observer newspapers and UK and International magazines. She founded Click in 2010 to pass on her knowledge and passion to the next generation of Photographers.

Philip Hollis is an award winning reportage and portrait Photographer working for clients such as the Telegraph, Time Magazine, O2 & Adobe 


Since starting this company 6 years ago we have been amazed at the skill and imagination of our growing group of talented young Photographers. This generation is the most visually literate ever and all they need from us is a gentle nudge in the right direction. They take and make images every day - sharing them and discussing them with friends. They are interested in how it all works - and want to learn more about the amazing Photographic world they are about to inherit. 

We believe in Creative freedom and our experience tells us this is achieved through imagination and good technique. Camera skills and a knowledge of the rules of Composition give our students the Creative freedom to take amazing pictures. 

We are all Photographers  

Never more true than today. Whether grabbing a quick snap on a smartphone or carefully setting up an expensive dslr for a commercial shoot. The story of Photography is the story of the modern world. From Roger Fenton in the Crimea to Capa on Omaha Beach and Nachtwey at  9/11, from Parkinson to Bailey and Rankin and from Louis Daguerre to Annie Liebovitz. As the third Millenia begins it's the turn of Joe Public

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