Richmond Upon Thames - Friday Nighters - 24 June 

We shouldn't be grateful for a warm evening and ( mostly ) clear sky at the end of June but this Summer has been like that so far and we were glad of an evening's respite. 15 students - mixed between the 2 age groups for our first visit to Richmond.  We started at the Green and immediately after heading for the river found evidence of the recent deluge that has swept the country. Richmond's riverside often floods at high tide but rarely to this extent - closing Friars Lane and forcing us to find another way round. Fun for the kids though and giving us a good picture opportunity.  

Molly Finlay

Jack Fendley

Will Partridge

Street Photography Decisions 

Camera Set-up 

MODE   Auto/Program Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority. Stay with A or P if you are not completely confident with the semi-auto modes. 

How bright is it ?  Can you use a low ISO or should you stay safely with Auto ISO. 


Do you need a low angle or high camera position. Should you crouch down or look for some height to shoot from. 

Is the picture perfect now or do you need to move.  

Lens Choice 

Wide-angle or Telephoto. Look through the viewfinder and make your decision. Try both. Can you improve the picture by moving closer to the subject or further away

Shoot now or wait ?

Be ready to snap instantly but also be prepared to be patient. The frame might be beautiful but particularly with Street photography the position of people / traffic / birds / boats is crucial. Can you wait for it all to align perfectly ?


Philip's pictures 

No more pictures until you buy me an Ice Cream 

Using Frames to make great photographs

The picture below uses 4 frames. The first is the image frame itself. The second is a natural frame, created by the canopy of leaves - which adds definition and contrasts with the lighter tones of the bridge and also forces the eye down into the picture. The 3rd and 4th frames are in the structure of the bridge and it's arches. A simple foreground ensures the eye moves into the picture - viewing through each arch in turn.  The deep shadows within the right-hand arch silhouettes the people and this - along with the near silhouette of the boatmen in the left arch - is the main focal point of the image. 

Using Format