Manual Mode 

The photographer controls everything. Sets ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture 

Potential dangers ? 

Program &

Auto Mode 

These are the safest easiest and quickest  ways to set up your Camera. 


does everything for you and the photographer has  no control over ISO, Shutter or Aperture.


allows ISO to be set and Exposure Compensation to be used 


is one of the 2  Semi - Auto modes on your camera. The Photographer sets a Shutter Speed and the Camera sets the Aperture. The photographer can also set the ISO or let the camera take control of this. 

The photographer has to make a series of decisions about the kind of image he is shooting and whether he wants a fast shutter speed or a slow shutter speed to capture it successfully. This will be determined by what he is shooting - the lighting conditions - possibly the weather and also his equipment. 

Shutter Priority 

is our favourite mode for teaching as the Photographer can take control without running the risk of camera shake or subject blur. The photographer needs to be aware of "safe" working speeds.

1/60th sec

and below DANGER of camera shake and subject motion blur

1/200th sec

Camera shake eliminated completely - motion blur gone in most human movement

1/500th & 1/1000th  

and above Fast human movement is sharp. Moving vehicles sharp.

Examples of Fast Shutter ? 

Examples of Slow Shutter ?

Using Format