Summer Term 2016 

2 Full days and 3 90 minute Friday evening sessions  £90 

These Clubs are for Secondary age beginners and improvers. All you need is a love of Photography and an interest in making your pictures better. We teach photography by going out and looking at the world. If you have a camera - that's great. If you need to borrow one - we have Canon Dslrs. Our students are self motivated and curious.  It's not difficult to take technically great pictures. Modern cameras can take a lot of the strain and help you to get sharp and well exposed frames almost all of the time. But the photographer's EYE is still the most important part of the equation. 
What interests you visually is more important than anything else. We try to help our students to set up their cameras so that the last thing they are thinking about is F-stops and Shutter Speeds.  We want them to be thinking about THE PICTURE 
Sessions run on alternate ?Fridays for the 2 groups. Weekend trips are organised to offer a Saturday and a Sunday - to help families with congested calendars. Our big trip to Brighton will take place over 2 July weekends to give students an even better chance of making it. 
There is always a mix of the two groups on our weekend sessions - meaning they will always find a friend to work with.

We are based in Hampton Wick and our evening sessions often begin at the St John's Warehouse. 

Fri April 15th Warehouse 7&8
Fri April 22nd Warehouse 9-11
Fri May 8th 7 &8 Kingston
Fri May 15th 9-11 Kingston

Sat June 11th 9-11 Olympic Park 

Sun June 12th 7-8 Olympic Park
Fri June 17th 9-11 Richmond Bridge
Fri June 24th 7&8 Richmond Bridge
Sun July 3rd 9-11 Brighton
Sat July 9th 7&8 Brighton

Friday 7&8 Dates 

Fri April 15th Warehouse 

Fri May 6th Kingston

Sat June 11th Olympic Park

Fri June 24th Richmond Bridge

Sat July 9th 7&8 Brighton 


Friday 8-11 Dates

Fri April 22nd  Warehouse 

Fri May 13th  Kingston 

Sun June 19th  Olympic Park 

Sun July 3rd  Brighton

Fri July 15th Richmond Bridge

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