Photographer Michael Hughes holds a souvenir model Big Ben in front of the real thing in London, UK. Michael has created a fascinating set of pictures showing cheap holiday souvenirs in front of the real thing at tourist hotspots around the world..Re SWNS

There are lots of ways 
to play with


French Photographer and Artist Georges Rousse creates complex images with perfect geometric shapes - but you have to stand in exactly the right place to see them. He calls them Single Perspective installations and originally made them in deserted buildings that were waiting demolition

Las Vegas Starbucks 2016

View from 3 minutes 


Making Your Own Forced Perspective images. 

Think about the pictures you've seen and have a go at taking your own pictures. It's important to remember a few tips 

1. These shots work best on a sunny day. Depth of Field is important and relates to how much of the picture is sharp. With a foreground and background in focus it is possible for the visual trickery to work.  So try to do this when the sun is out 

2. Focus on the figure in your picture. 

3. If you are trying the sideways world picture make sure the wall the person is sitting against - or post the person is hanging from is straight.

3. You can't do this very well with just 2 people - so work in groups of 3 or 4. 

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