We use Focus Lock to help make our pictures sharp - and also to enable to decide exactly where the sharp point IS in the frame. 


use a friend to help you

1. Point the camera at your friend with them in the middle of the frame

2. Press the shutter button gently until you hear a beep and see a small coloured dot or shape (usually a square or rectangle) in the viewfinder

3. Press the button harder and take the picture

4. Now do the same thing again but this time once the focus is set move the camera so that your friend is in the corner of the frame. Keep your finger on the button 

5. Take the picture.

Once you've mastered this - and don't worry if you take a few pictures by mistake - try the same technique with something different (maybe a flower in the garden or a piece of fruit on the kitchen table. )

If you can do this you are now in control of the focus on your camera and can use Focus Lock every time you take a picture. 

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